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"It is cruel, you know, that music should be so beautiful. It has the beauty of loneliness of pain: of strength and freedom. The beauty of disappointment and never-satisfied love. The cruel beauty of nature and everlasting beauty of monotony."
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that painful moment when someone you thought would be your future becomes a distant memory

I remember,


I remember how we used to talk like there was no tomorrow. I remember how every thing you said brought a smile to my face. How every conversation lasted for hours. Your good morning messages used to start my morning, and I always ended up falling asleep to your goodnight ones. I remember when my heart used to race, and how I would smile like an idiot out of nowhere just because I remembered something you said. Every single memory we had, I remember every single one of them.

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"If you find yourself thinking “Wait. Can’t say that. He’ll think I’m weird and fucked up.” Ditch them and find someone who responds with something twice as weird and three times as fucked up."
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"Date someone who would rather watch your favorite movie with you then go to a party on Friday night. Date someone who will share their food with you even though you said you didn’t want any. Date someone who will warm your hands in the winter and kiss your pink nose. Date someone who will text you they love you at 2am and at 9pm. Date someone who will let you change the station in the car when they’re driving. Date someone who can make you smile when you would rather die. Date someone who makes your insides feel like you’ve just downed a bottle of vodka. Date someone who makes you better."
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